Jordanhill Local History


Jordanhill is a residential area

situated in the west end of Glasgow

north of the Clyde Tunnel


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I moved to Jordanhill in 1958 and during the last 40 years I have researched and gathered an extensive collection of maps, photographs and articles about the history of the area. The possibility of writing a book has always been at the back of my mind but rejected on two counts; (a) a small book would contain only a fraction of the available data and (b) a big book would cost the earth to produce and no one might buy it.


The advent of the web has created the perfect medium where I can publish articles as I go along, revise, add photos and withdraw material at will. I have compiled the following pages (or ‘chapters’) to date but I am working on others, so watch this space for more facts about this lovely area of Glasgow. If the following topics on Jordanhill are all printed out they will fill about 120 pages of A4.


Most pages have photographs or maps which may take a little time to load even using broadband.       In order to speed up loading I have saved the images at low resolution but I have good quality originals and if you wish one of these please contact me.


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 “Old Jordanhill” in photographs

Jordanhill from the air, aerial photos

Jordanhill in Old Maps 1654 – 1905

Jordanhill and the Railways

Jordanhill south of the railway

Jordanhill and mining

Road names in Jordanhill

History of Jordanhill by W Campbell, 1932

Jordanhill – Sport and Leisure

Local shopping, past and present

Compass Observatory of Jordanhill

Jordanhill’s shop and Compass Cottages


The Smiths of Jordanhill

The Oswalds of Scotstoun


Jordanhill School and the Press 1985-89

St John and Montgomerie – Jordanhill connections John.htm

Mackintosh and Jordanhill School

Jordanhill School Memories (Finlayson)


Jordanhill Church, foundation stone

Jordanhill Church, 150th Birthday

All Saints’ Church 100th Birthday


Jordanhill Community Council

Election 2005, our constituency boundary map


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I am a retired Chartered Civil Engineer, a graduate of Glasgow University, and have lived in Glasgow for 80 years.   My interests are local history, family history, DIY, family and grandchildren.


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